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Claims Happen.

Sadly, our clients do need to make claims. Whether it's for a broken foot, a routine medical screening, a period of incapacity due to anxiety, or tragic death, Aynsley and Associates are absolutely focused on being by our client's side when they need to claim.

Don't take our word for it, take the words of our clients:

Kate Sloss

Early 2018 I was diagnosed with a rare weird cancer and instantly life as we knew it was ripped out from underneath us. I have always been pretty healthy so this came as a huge shock.


Fortunately, I am a client of Chris’s & have medical, income protection, trauma & life insurance under his recommendation.


Having medical insurance meant that I had various tests & a huge operation in Hamilton without any delay.  To date, these have cost over $100,000.00.


My income protection insurance kicked in after 8 weeks (we chose this stand-down period as my husband is working & the premium was cheaper).  It’s been 5 months now, I am still trying to get my head around what has happened to me plus recovering from surgery.   I am not back at work yet so having my income protection insurance is certainly a huge relief!


My trauma insurance has given us future options and will help ensure we live our lives with our 3 children to the fullest.  Whatever happens now we have a wee buffer that will assist in making future decisions and keep down the stress levels.


Chris was there with us throughout this journey & genuinely cared how we were coping.  He was quick to ensure that my paperwork was completed correctly & claims submitted without delay.


We have always found Aynsley & Associates professional, but personable.  Chris is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares for his clients and families' wellbeing.  I recommend Aynsley & Associates to take care of you & your family as they have taken care of mine.

MIke Gray - Owner -  Go Media

Chris Aynsley has been my insurance broker for over 20 years and has covered me for health and life insurance during that time. In 2004 I had a serious back injury and Chris was instrumental in helping me get a pay out under my policy. I have nothing but positive things to say about Chris and that is why I have been one of his longer standing clients.

Jarod Rolton - Business Owner Harcourts St Albans

“I have a loss of income policy with Fidelity Life and after a fracture to my foot when an accident occurred I checked my  policy and discovered I had “Specific Injury Benefit cover” under the income policy, I notified Chris at Aynsley and Associates immediately (he was on holiday) and he assisted with lodging a claim for me, I was thrilled to have the claim processed and paid out within the week without any drama."


It now gives me peace of mind that I’m paying premiums for legitimate cover that I can have faith in.

Graeme Teague - Owner - Hello Moa

I can not recommend Chris and his services highly enough. I had a difficult claim which with his expertise and skills was able me to sleep easy knowing I was paid what I was due and in an easy and timely manner. Chris is always approachable and a great source of knowledge when you need it most. Look no further for ALL your insurance needs.

Sebastiaan Bastiaanse - Owner - Advanced Exterior Plastering

My wife and I have been clients of Chris Aynsley, Aynsley and Associates for approximately 15 years. During this time we have been lucky enough to have good health, apart from one incident where I was injured and unable to work.  I lodged a claim with my insurer for loss of wages under my Income protection policy and with the assistance of Chris, I was fully covered for my loss of wages during my recovery.


The lump sum payment gave me peace of mind and comfort knowing that the Insurance that I had been paying into all these years was in place for the right reason and I received the payment at the right time.


I highly recommend Chris as a professional, up front, no bullshit insurance broker who has always put our circumstances and family health first.


Chris had been looking after my insurance requirements for many years prior to my accident. The short version of the story is that the accident was severe and could have been fatal. After release from the hospital, I contacted Chris to let him know what had happened and to ask how this affected my insurance policies. Chris was not only very understanding and quick to respond, but he also informed me that I was eligible for financial support through the policy he had set up for me. This was a welcome and pleasant surprise during a stressful time. Chris arranged all the paperwork, and I received payment within three weeks of my conversation with him. 

Chris has always been good to deal with, but this was the first time I had needed to claim on a policy. Chris gave good advice and delivered on his commitments - which is just what you need in challenging times.

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