This page and the links provide my clients and prospective clients with clear information about who I am, what I able to advise on, how I get paid, how to complain and what to do if they need to make a claim

Disclosure Statement
(My Legal Obligation)

This disclosure statement (red box below) is the document I am required to provide my client when I am advising them. It details the sort of adviser I am, and what to do if something goes wrong.

Things I Can Give Advice On

I am fully able to advise you on matters relating to the purchase, renewal, and claiming of life insurance products that are issued by New Zealand life insurance companies.  I hold agencies with the following and can place business with them without restriction:


AIA, AMP, Asteron, Accuro, Fidelity Life, nib, Cigna, Partners Life, and Southern Cross.


I subscribe to product research from two competing market-leading research houses.

If Something Goes Wrong
If Something Goes Wrong

If you are dissatisfied in any way with my service or the service of one of the insurers I work with, I want to know about it, and I want to get it right for you.  I have a formal complaint handling process and I will try to reach a satisfactory resolution with you as soon as possible.  My external dispute resolution scheme is detailed in my disclosure statement which is contained in the PDF link above.

Making a Claim

If you need to make a claim, please contact us in the first instance, my phone is always on, please also email us on hello@aynsley.co.nz so that we can assist you with the claims process.  There will always be an initial claim form, and most likely the need for a medical report to commence your claim. We will guide you through the whole claim process, right until the claim is closed which in some cases can be many years.

Things I Do Not Give Advise On

Insurance is a large topic. I am not qualified to advise on general insurance, such as covering your house, contents, cars, boats, pets, travel, public liability, professional indemnity, etc. I also do not give any legal, accounting, or investment advice.  I do not handle any client's money, and I do not assist with the arrangement of Mortgages or KiwiSaver products.  However, I have a vast network of professions whom I regularly refer my clients to.  If I refer my clients to a general insurance broker, I can be paid a commission for the referral. 

How I Get Paid

If I place a new insurance policy on your life with an insurance company, I will receive a payment, which will be paid upon the policy commencing, and I will also receive an ongoing payment for the duration of the policy.  These payments vary between insurers but are generally in excess of the first years premium paid upfront, and ongoing commissions are generally between 5-20% of the ongoing premium.  The ongoing commissions are affected by the size of the upfront payment.