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Don't Miss Out on a Golden Opportunity.

Access to medical insurance with cover for pre-existing conditions is extremely rare. Take advantage of this valuable offering to ensure you and your family are protected come claim time. This webpage contains everything you need to know in order to get cover.


Benefit Offering

nib and Aynsley & Associates have created a voluntary Health cover solution for Carrfields employees. This offer is exclusive to Carrfields Employees and their direct family members and includes the following:

Immediate pre-existing conditions cover (excluding general exclusions, and Serious Condition Lump Sum option).

Modify policy with additional benefits. Select from a range of excess levels and options to implement a policy that's best fit for your family.

Waived stand down periods on GP, Dental & Optical and Specialist Options when added within 90 days of policy commencement.

Comprehensive Cover. Up to $300k for surgical cover, $200k medical cover, Cancer treatment & specific major diagnostics.

Extension of concessions to immediate family members of employees, when added within 90 days of policy commencement or marriage.

Purchase Non-Pharmac Cover. nib's recent addition allows people to purchase cover for Medsafe approved 'super-drugs' up to $300k.

Procedures Covered

Examples of procedures covered under nib's premier health policy. Refer to the policy document for full T&Cs.

Cancer surgeries and treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy)

Heart surgery

Hip and knee surgeries

Sinus and nasal surgeries

GP minor surgeries

Non-surgical hospitalisation e.g. asthma

Skin lesion surgeries

Appendix surgery

Specific major diagnostic tests

Extraction of wisdom teeth

Tonsil, adenoids and grommets

And many more

Explanation Video - Why Medical Insurance?


Fill in the white squares and drop-down buttons to get a quote estimation based on the level of cover you or your family require. If you are entering details on an iPad or similar device, double-tap the white boxes to select and input. If you're happy to proceed with the quote, fill in the options selected using the form below. 

Lets Get Started

Complete this form with your selected options for yourself and/or your family. Once submitted, Aynsley and Associates will be in touch to confirm the indicative quote and the next steps to proceed with implementing your cover.


How does this nib policy compare to other policies in the market?

nib's Premier Health Policy is a very well-rated policy in the current market - our independent research provider has allocated it a core score of 94/100. However, the key point is that pre-existing conditions are covered under this policy, which is extremely rare in the market. This policy matrix illustrates how nib's policy is rated against the current insurance market.

Southern Cross is one of the most popular insurance providers in New Zealand. If you're interested in how nib's policy compares to Southern Cross products, click the research links below:

What is an excess?

Just like with your car or home insurance, an excess is a contribution you’re required to pay towards a Hospital claim you make on your policy. It’s paid directly to the hospital when you’re admitted for treatment. The higher the excess, the lower the monthly premium.

Why health insurance?

The public health system in New Zealand offers free or low cost treatment at public hospitals for Kiwis, but high demand and the rising cost of providing healthcare creates challenges.

  • If you need non-urgent treatment, you might be put on a waiting list which can lead to stress and uncertainty. How long you wait may depend on the severity of your condition.

  • If your condition is not accident-related, treatment costs won’t be covered by ACC (the Accident Compensation Corporation).

  • You may have less control over when and where you are treated.


That’s where private health insurance comes in.

  • You have the choice of private treatment and surgery without relying on the public health system.

  • You can choose who you see and when you are treated.

  • Faster treatment means you can get back on your feet quicker, whether that be for work or play.

  • You have peace of mind as your health insurer will cover approved costs for expensive private treatments and surgeries.

How do I lodge a claim with nib?

With medical insurance, it's best practice to seek pre-approval for upcoming consultations/procedures. This ensures you're covered ahead of time. With nib, there are two ways of lodging a claim - the first is via the website or app, and everything you need to know can be found here. If you prefer filling in a form, then the second method is via nib's claim form. Once completed, send this form to and we will lodge with this nib.

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