Increasing your Carrfields Insurance Cover

You may be entitled to a higher level of life and income protection insurance. Find out all you need to know right here.

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General Information

As part of your life and income protection insurance provided by Carrfields Ltd, you have the following levels of cover:

  • Life Cover: Up to three times your salary - payable upon death or the suffering of a terminal illness.

  • Income Protection: Up to 75% of your salary - paid after 13 weeks of total disability, paid up to two years.

You should have received an insurance certificate from Aynsley and Associates via email which illustrates your personal levels of cover. If you have not received this, please contact us at

These levels of cover have an Automatic Acceptance Limit (AAL), where the insurer (AIA) will provide cover without having to perform any underwriting or any Carrfields employees having to complete any medical tests or forms. These limits are:

  • Life Cover: Three times your salary - up to $750,000.

  • Income Protection: 75% of your salary - up to 9,000 per month.

This means if your annual earnings exceed $144,000, you may be entitled to a higher level of income protection cover underwritten by AIA. Information found on this webpage will help guide you through the process of increasing your cover to the amounts you may be entitled to.

An overview of the insurance program can be found here.

Increasing Your Cover

In order to increase your cover to amounts above the Automatic Acceptance Limit, AIA will require you to complete some medical material. This may include medical tests in some scenarios (e.g. blood test, GP visit). AIA will assess your application and will make the decision on whether your cover can be increased. You will need to complete a Personal Health Statement:

Once this document is complete, AIA will confirm their decision or further requirements that may be needed. 

We recommend giving us a call at 03 374 9955 or contacting us via email at if you would like further guidance on the requirements for increasing your insurance cover above the AAL - we can take you through this process.  

Important Information

  • Refer to the policy documents for complete terms and conditions.

  • This webpage is intended to provide general information only, without necessarily taking into account your objectives, financial situation, medical or other needs. If you would like advice that considers your particular situation, please contact your advisor. Full details of the policy terms and conditions are available from AIA, your advisor, or your employer.

  • Carrfields Limited is not a financial advisor and is not providing any advice upon the acquisition or disposal of any policies.

  • A copy of Chris Aynsley's disclosure statement is available here.